Monday, November 16, 2009

Bits 'n pieces

It was a pretty scrimpy salad tonight -- a bit of lettuce, about a quarter of a pepper, two scraggly green onions, and a tired-looking apple. But once it was all chopped up and doused with a bit of dressing and grated cheese and walnut pieces, it worked just fine.

The main course was also constructed from pieces of this and that. A container of buffalo chili from the freezer, filled out with leftover black beans, the butt end of a jar of salsa and two large mushrooms (ordinary, store-bought variety). Left to cook slowly for a while, it turned out to be much tastier than I remember the original version being.

A squash sitting on top of the fridge couldn't have been getting any fresher, so it went into the oven and made the house feel that much cozier. Natch, I toasted up the seeds from it too, adding a bit of chili powder while they baked. We even sprinkled a few of them over top of the chili. Pretty good for thinking there wasn't 'anything' for supper.

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