Sunday, November 15, 2009

Odd combo

But then, odd combinations always happen around here when I haven't been shopping for a while.

Between the freezer and the fridge and the pantry, there's usually the possibility of an interesting meal.

From the freezer came chicken wings, as well as a dessert. The fridge had a jar with the tiniest bit of homemade quince syrup, too small an amount for pancakes or French toast, so that's what went onto the chicken -- along with a bit of olive oil and soy sauce. Sort of a sweet and sour, but not really.

The veg crisper had a single lonesome carrot, so that got grated into a pot of quinoa (pantry food). The stub of cauliflower steamed up as the side veg. And there was still enough pepper, onions and lettuce to make a salad.

The dessert must have been one I made with leftover filo from a spanokopita. A sort of strudel/pie filled with blueberries, blackberries and a bit of nectarine.

If nothing else, an interesting combination of flavours and textures and colours.

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