Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anything can happen

Going into the city to attend an event meant another night of restaurant food. Because it's en route, we headed for an old favourite, an old-timey cafe that serves good solid food.

It felt like the first night of winter in Vancouver, in other words, a miserable night.

I did my best to park near as possible to the restaurant, but since our last visit the place has gone considerably upscale with a refit. As a result, I marched right past it. Since this was during the worst of the downpour, both of us managed to get completely soaked. When we finally retraced our steps to the place, we were grateful to get inside. Hot food to warm us was key.

I ordered the traditional open-faced turkey sandwich, complete with traditional trimmings. I love the fact that it's always real turkey served here -- big chunks of both dark and light meat piled onto the sandwich. None of that pre-chewed stuff that comes in a tube, the kind they have to shave so it looks like you're getting a pile of meat, even if it's mostly just air.

The DM had pretty much the same, only he opted for fries instead of mashies, and pork instead of turkey on the sandwich.

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