Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday night barbie

While this weather holds, we're doing yet another barbecue. Tonight, we're even joined by good friends.

Besides the chicken and bockwurst and spicy prawns cooked on the barbie, there's a macaroni salad and a lentil one. Dressing on the lentil one is partly of walnut oil, so it's even extra heart-healthy. There's a spinach salad with chunks of walnut on the table. Over here on the counter is just where we serve up the main shovelfuls.

I had fun making sort of an atomic flower on top of the lentil salad. It looked pretty brownish and plain, so I layered slices of half-pepper and stuck some parsley and a chive flower in the middle. Even if not terribly symmetrical, a fun decoration (and edible).

Dessert was going to be berries and ice cream, but our pal brought beautiful chocolate treats. Couldn't have done better if she'd had ESP!

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