Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not quite Julia

After seeing an old rerun of Julia Child's cooking show, I got inspired to try making some real omelettes -- not my usual poor excuse of scrambled eggs with peppers or mushrooms cooked in. The fact that we had a few fresh chanterelles to put into them seemed like a clear go-ahead.

Once I'd started cooking the mushrooms, I discovered we only had two eggs, not the four I'd had in mind as waiting in the carton. Still, I was committed, so pulled out some additions to make the meal work.

Because this has been an outdoors kind of day (sunny and beautiful!), I knew that appetites would be big, so I also cooked a few slices of bacon and some pre-made broccoli bites. Sliced tomato and avocado worked just fine as a salad. And in the end, though I don't quite have the knack of Julia's wrist action with the skillet, I think this supper worked out just fine.

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