Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sensible food

Today was one of those deal-with-the-bounty days. We picked the last of the plums, sliced and froze bags of them. And at last count, there were 20 jars of jam on the counter.

So I was glad I'd had the sense to start a supper way earlier -- one with the good sense to cook all by itself.

I've always called it rouladen. Thin (usually thinner than the pieces I had today) pieces of beef rolled up with bacon, chopped onions and a bit of dill pickle. Then cooked slowly with the gravy getting thickened a bit at the last minute.

A blend of various rices with mushrooms and sliced-off-the-cob corn serves as the side. A green salad topped with bits of bacon (I cooked up the pieces I didn't use in the rouladen) and we're set.

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