Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reworked leftovers, Ole!

With everyone going back to school today, it felt like a shift -- if not to a new year, at least to a new start. Yet supper tonight is a rerun, of more than a few ingredients.

Even after a burger went out the door for a workplace lunch, there were still a few more left. Where they already had cheese on 'em, I got inspired to make some variation on Mexican food.

I pulled out some pre-made sauce (from the packets I bought when we were in Mexico during March) and used it to make a pan full of enchiladas. Some have the cheesed-up buffalo meat, others have cheese and onions. There's even one that's completely experimental: stuffed with mushrooms and lamb (a small chunk of lamb had been hiding out in the freezer).

With an avocado, the last bit of lettuce and a couple of garden tomatoes for the Dear Man, looks as though we've got ourselves a nice, warming supper.

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