Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A North American kind of night

While we ate tonight, we watched this morning's inauguration ceremony in the U.S.

Our supper was sort of a North American fusion. Leftovers, used up in a different sort of way.

Because I'd used only thighs (on sale, of course) for Sunday night's chicken Cacciatore, the meat was easy to de-bone. I had six corn tortillas left in the fridge, so I rolled the chicken and sauce into them for enchiladas. Since there was still a bit of chicken and sauce left, I used a flour tortilla and made the last bit into a burrito. A bit of tomato juice in the fridge magically became the sauce I could bake it in.

Topped with some sour cream and the last of the lettuce (and some salsa with the last of the cilantro to pep it up), it made for a satisfying supper to eat while watching a most satisfying and hope-inspiring event.

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