Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A homely meal for a cold night

By homely, I mean the way the British use the word -- homey or cozy -- comforting.

It's cold outside, so in-the-oven food seemed like a good idea. The oven always seems to do a better job of deep-warming the food. Besides, it helps warm up the kitchen.
Last September, George and John made sausages (to be precise, bockwurst). They made packets and packets for the freezer, one of which we're having tonight.

I also cooked up a box of store-bought au gratin potatoes, but doctored them up with a bit of chopped onion and a sprinkling of dried honey mushrooms (ones we picked and dried last fall). Some beans and a salad, and we have ourselves a wonderfully comforting 'homely' meal.

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