Friday, April 24, 2009


It's a beautiful evening, so tonight's supper is happening in two segments.

The Dear Man went out and bought the outrageously huge takeaway meal for us to share.

For Round One, it's sushi. And with it, assorted tempura and a bowl of sunomono, the Japanese salad of noodles, cucumber, and prawn in cool sweet vinegar.

Intermission's a photo walk at the prettiest local golf course. Right now, so many trees and shrubberies are in bloom, it'll be one steady click-click-click.

Part Two is the warm part of the meal: miso soup, beef teriyaki with rice and vegies. We're even adding a piece of gomae and heating it (even though it can be eaten at room temp). This part is for back at home, as the sun is going down, and we're snuggled in front of some lazy Friday night tv.

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