Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burning Chicken

I'm not calling it that because of anything that happened in the oven. It's just that tonight's chicken is in a very strong curry sauce. It's still the stoopid cold thing going on here, and hot spicy food makes me think I'm burning away the germs in my body. Whatever, it's a good excuse for spicy food.

The recipe is sooo easy -- from the sister of a girlfriend. Pretty much equal parts juice (she said orange, I'm using some tropical blend), orange marmalade (mine was the last bits of a lemon-orange-peach combo that had been made by a friend) and curry paste. I went heavy on the curry paste. Besides the chicken, the pan's filled with the last few mushrooms as well as bits of yellow and green pepper. Tomorrow is shopping day, so all of it goes in tonight.

Rice with cumin and peas, plus a salad plate: lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper and cottage cheese -- always good for tempering the spicy heat...

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