Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What a mix tonight's supper is! There were a few cheese enchiladas left over from last night, so I freshened them up with a sauce that was really just the end of a jar of V-8 juice. Because that seemed too much like a re-run of last night, I opened a packet of pre-made emergency food, a spicy Indian eggplant dish, and poured that over top of the enchiladas, and let the whole thing bake until it was thoroughly heated.

There were a few spears of asparagus that begged me to steam them. And, of course, a salad of fresh greens. For something slightly different, I took the last of the vegie dip from Sunday, added a bit of milk and a drop of vinegar. The result made for an interesting salad dressing -- one that complemented the spicy eggplant(ed) enchiladas.

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