Friday, February 6, 2009

Not exactly pizza

For an awful lot of Fridays, we had a tradition where we'd have pizza for supper. I'm not sure what broke this habit, as tonight's supper proves that something inside me must still want it -- look at it, all that cheese and sausage. But because I was too lazy (busy with other things maybe?) I didn't go out to the shops today, so we're not having the partly-made pizza I often buy.
Instead, we're having a mac 'n cheese casserole, admittedly with a few special touches -- what I like to call the 'Betty Greco' treatment. She always jazzed hers up with finely chopped onion and hunks of fresh tomato. I had a bunch of those tiny grape tomatoes that were starting to look a little tired, so the tomato bits in tonight's version are much more bite-sized, and not quite as chunky as they might normally be. Alongside of the casserole, I'm baking some more of the wonderful homemade sausages. And of course, we'll have a big green salad. Ah, it's the weekend!

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