Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bit of a mishmash

Today was a crazy busy day around here. I'm just lucky that in amongst the errands and work, I made it to the store to buy a few things -- bread, milk, lettuce, a couple of pork chops. I heated up the leftover potatoes and vegies from Valentine's in the oven and tossed the pork chops in there at the same time. The microwave looked after the leftover lamb gravy from Saturday -- which worked fine over top of the chops and potatoes. Asparagus at least provided a touch of something fresh. Of course, there's a salad, but isn't there always? Oh, and the applesaucey-looking bit on the side isn't apples at all. It's quince sauce, made with fruit from a very productive tree in our yard. And best of all, the sauce is another of the treats in our larder that's made by the Man in this house.

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