Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything-left-in-the-fridge Casserole

There were some nice chicken thighs left over from last night, as well a good cup of the lemony oil they had baked in. I heated the oil and added a chopped-up onion, then tossed in all of the leftover already-cooked rice. When that looked pretty well combined, I added the leftover carrots and poured the whole schmozzle into a casserole dish. With the chicken thighs perched on top, I figured a good heat-through in the oven would make it even yummier. The last two pieces of last night's squash warmed up in there at the same time.
Since there was also some cauliflower hiding in the fridge, I steamed that and then used a butt-end of some cheddar to make up a cheese sauce. For a Friday night, probably in front of the tv, this should be just fine. Besides, using everything up made it easy for me to wipe down the drawers and shelves. I'm set now for doing a shopping and filling it up again!

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