Saturday, March 26, 2011

Leftovers, with leftovers

For fun, we ate lunch at a funny little old-fashioned diner. While we were there, sitting at the counter, we heard all about last week's evacuation for the tsunami. While there was some damage here (Orick, CA), things were worse up the coast, where a few die-hard (I'll say) photo-seekers were lost.

But back to the source of the leftovers. Because the lunch was too huge to eat, I took my salad-bar salad home to the fridge. Adding the last half of avocado turned it into a yummy salad for two.

And then there was all that chicken from last night (we'd only eaten the legs, the bird was so big). So, with the chicken and a companion packet of wild rice mix, we had plenty to eat.

And plenty to think about as we continue our route down this wildly beautiful but perilous coast.

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