Friday, March 29, 2013

One a penny, two a penny...

Tomorrow we fly, so tonight’s supper sees us relying on takeaway food.

Because today is a holiday (Good Friday), nearly everything is closed, or at least closed early. The fish came from a shop that closed up at 1, and by the time we got there, the ones we got were two of the last four they had.

We had a lunch of fried snapper earlier in the week, but the other time they were served with fried banana pancakes. That’s right, not fish ‘n chips, but chips ‘n pancakes. Apparently, this is the 'standard' traditional mode.

Today, because it’s Good Friday (which seems to be observed by just about everyone here), the accompaniment was hot cross buns. But since those seemed too sweet to be part of supper (they should work as a nice accompaniment to hurry-up coffees tomorrow morning), we got a side order of cooked cassava – one of those root vegetables something like taro. Not particularly flavourful, but satisfying. (Although, apparently dangerous if not prepared correctly. Who knew?)

It’s been too short a time here, but despite that, we managed to sample a lot of the island’s foods. Some were better than others – and really, if I always ate this much fried food, I’d weigh a lot more than I do, and have higher cholesterol too. 

Still, those are the sorts of things that happen when you travel and move away from the comfort zones of what you might be eating if you were at home. It’s all about the new experience – and not just the food but the culture in all its richness. Heck, where but here have I ever seen a band playing while I shopped in the supermarket!

I can’t wait to see where our next adventures in eating might take us. Hopefully, someplace as charming and friendly as the Bahamas were.

But for now, it's time for home. So all I can say is ‘Chow’.

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