Monday, March 25, 2013

Bahamian lobster, Canadian-style

Exploring the eastern end of Grand Bahama led us to a lobster fisherman. As is so often the case, we weren't  even looking for seafood. It just seemed to find us.

The tails he sold us were frozen, but they cooked up wonderfully in our little condo kitchen. And we got waaaay more lobster than if we'd ordered in any restaurant.

A limited assortment of cookpots and spices led to some interesting challenges, but hey -- that's nothing new. I whipped up some coconut rice while the lobster tails steamed on the stovetop.

Laying the tails over top of the rice was more one of fair distribution than aesthetics, as each little darlin' needed his equal share of melted garlic butter and fresh-squeezed lemon juice before they went under the broiler for a last-minute hot-up. And yes, that's a tiny bowl (actually the sugar bowl pressed into service for the occasion) of still more melted butter with bits of fresh garlic.

Plenty of garlic and lemon in the salad too. Breath mints all around!

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